Want the Dirty Facts??

Common, everyday foot traffic at work and at home is costing you money. Every year, the average building receives well over 200 kilograms of dust and dirt.

A staggering 70% of this is walked into your home and office where thousands of microscopic dirt fragments grind their way into your expensive floor coverings, causing them to deteriorate three times faster than they should.Vacuuming and costly floor cleaning remove only 20% of the dirt

Entrance mats alone add to the problem because they soon fill up with dirt and grit and quickly become ineffective and ugly.

For mats to do their job properly, they must be professionally cleaned to the manufacturer’s specifications on a regular basis. This is a job you cannot properly do yourself.

Do you want an effective barrier that banishes dirt at the door while welcoming visitors and customers with a first impression that will last a lifetime?

Our dust control rental mat is the solution

Hundreds of businesses utilise our inexpensive and effective service.

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